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How to shop smart and save on your baby budget

When it comes to welcoming a new life into your home it makes perfect sense to watch your purse strings. Read on for our best tips on managing your baby budget.

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Introducing your tots to technology

Thinking about introducing your children to technology? Our Metanium circle of parents and friends have shared their suggestions for you to make an informed decision.

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Getting your home ready to welcome your new arrival

As you start to think about the amazing adventure you have ahead of you, you might think… ‘How do I prepare for this?!’ Worry not, because we have a set of tried and tested tips for you.

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Patience is a virtue

How to keep your cool (and maintain a sense of humor) when it takes your little one three hours to tell a story and half a day to eat half a sandwich.

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What causes stretch marks and how to treat them

Many women embrace their stretch marks and wear them proudly as a badge of empowerment, but if you need some tips on how to treat them, we have just the right ones for you.

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Heading back to work after giving birth

Modern working mums are better equipped to manage their work-life balance today, but we have some tips to offer to better prepare the return to the office.

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Dealing with the weight you gained after giving birth

We all wish the baby weight would just roll off in 20 minutes like in the movies, but sadly that’s not how it happens in the real world. Not to worry though, read on for some tips.

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Travelling with your newborn

Planning to fly with your little one? Perhaps your bags are packed for a long car-ride? Click to read our best advice for when it comes to adventuring out with your little one.

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Working out while pregnant

Exercising when you're pregnant is quite common nowadays. If you are looking into which one to do to help with your body as well as your mind, we have some tips for you.

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Maternity clothes unwrapped

As your bump start to grow, you will inevitably start looking for cute maternity clothes. We have compiled a selection of the best shops to look into...

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How to keep the secret of being pregnant

If you want to keep your new pregnancy a secret the first 12 weeks, we have compiled a few tried and tested tips from our Metanium community...

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Packing your hospital bag

Preparing for the all-important hospital trip – perhaps not as glamorous as packing for a holiday to the Caribbean..., but far more important to get it right!

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Stroller, pushchair or travel system

If you’re a first time parent and you haven’t an army of friends who’ve already had a baby, then it’s only logical that you... would think that a pram, a pushchair and a buggy are all the same. Well, we’re here to burst that bubble for you...

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The importance of story time

How to boost your child's logic and imagination by reading out stories to them...

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What to feed your 1 year old

As your little one starts to grow up, you may notice they don’t have the same appetite as they used to,...and perhaps even rejecting food.

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Weaning explained

During the first few months of a baby’s life, your little one will get all of the nutrients they need from breast milk or infant formula. Is it time to consider weaning?

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Welcome to the club: What to expect from a newborn

Having a baby for the first time is exciting, exhilarating and... pretty damn scary!... No doubt you’re reading up on everything you can and trying to be as well- equipped as possible.

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Well-being during pregnancy

As the universal truth goes, everybody is different and everyone will experience pregnancy in their own unique way.

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Dispelling the myths of pregnancy

Being pregnant can be challenging enough at the best of times... and things can be even more difficult when you are constantly being fed so much information surrounding pregnancy.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Metanium!

Whatever you’re doing, your baby won't be far from your thoughts, and you don’t want a precious night out spoiled by a bout of nappy rash!

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Dry gently to avoid nappy rash!

Bath time can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby.

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Don't let nappy rash spoil a family day out

When you’re out with your little one, remember to take everything you need for nappy changing on the go.

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Longer periods of sleep can be a trigger for nappy rash

The longer Autumn nights might make it easier for your little one to start sleeping through, but..

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Daytime naps and nappy rash

Don’t get caught napping when it comes to nappy rash!

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Enjoy summer with your little one

Summer's on the way and you can have fun outside with your little one, enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. When you’re out and about..

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Everyday Tips From Everyday Mums

We asked for your top nappy changing tips and have chosen the best ones to share with you.

‘My daughter has what I call 'teething poops' and when she does I have to act quickly. I don't know why they are so different but they make her extremely sore as soon as she's pooped yet are relatively odour free! I always use a nappy rash prevention barrier cream but when she's teething I'm extra vigilant. If a teething poop has appeared, I change her straight away and apply Metanium nappy rash treatment at every nappy change. It usually clears within a day! Teething poops are the worst.’

Amanda, mum to Esme aged 7 months

‘Expect the unexpected with nappy changes and remember that whatever poo-mageddon disasters you are currently experiencing, it will end up as a fantastic story to share with your fellow parents and friends!’

Kate, mum to Elsie and Paddy

‘When changing a nappy, slide a clean one under the dirty one so that if your baby decides to have a wee mid-change,you can catch it easily. Also, always have 2 lots of Metanium handy - one for your changing table at home and one for the changing bag!’

Jayne, mum to Barney and Cobie-Lily

'Always make sure you have everything to hand before changing the nappy, like nappy sacks, cream, nappies and wipes. Have everything open and ready to use.

It’s much easier than trying to hold your baby with one hand and reaching for a clean nappy with the other!'

Amy, mum to Emily and Katie

'My little man has a magic trick of pooping EVERY time we go in the car - even if I'm just dashing to the shop. I've learned to keep an emergency kit handy for those times when I've run out of the house without the changing bag.

I pop a clean nappy into a nappy bag and keep a travel size pack of wipes in the glove box plus a small tube of Metanium Everyday - that way I'm never caught out!'

Jodie, mum to Nathan and Owen

‘Have a colourful mobile hanging above the changing area at home. It keeps them happy and distracts them from rolling around!’

Jennifer, mum to Toby and Seren